Catalogue Sites Provide A WOW Factor At a Low Price

Single Page Catalogue Site

We know that not everyone wants a fully optimised website with at least 5 pages. So we provide an alternative that is priced at $1,500+GST. Normally when you choose a cheap option it looks well, cheap. BUT that won’t happen when we build you a catalogue site. It is a one page site with a link to a page turning catalogue that will impress your customers.  A website link is available at the top of each page if required.

Clients who choose Catalogue sites generally do it for the following reasons:-

  • You want to test a new product and need to minimise the costs while maximising the appeal to customers
  • You want to display a separate catalogue for wholesale customers. We can provide password protected pages for this.
  • It is used for sales representatives to make selling on the phone easier. No longer will your customer need to wait 3 days to receive your catalogue in the mail. You can talk them through it on the phone while they follow on the net. This is a real winner for sales professionals!
  • You require a temporary site whilst they build a more sophisticated site.
  • You have only recently started their business and use the site as an important first step in establishing themselves in their market, whilst presenting a professional image.

Click Here to view Everything Visual’s Catalogue site. We are building a fully self managed site.

Multiple Catalogue and Integrated Sites

Catalogues can be on one page sites or fully integrated into a website as a separate page or pages. Have a look at this business catalogue site that sends out Millions of catalogues per year. Click Here. Their website allows their customers throughout  Australia  to view all their catalogues over the net whilst they talk to their potential customers on the phone. You can also have a copy of the catalogue on a disk that autoplays for customers. Great for sales representatives!



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