Do You Want To Be In Charge of Your Website?

Self Managed Sites or (CMS) as the computer geeks would say, is the smart way to go when running your website. It puts you firmly in the drivers seat when it comes to making changes in text, adding photos, creating pages and even slideshows like the one on the right of the screen.

You will be surprised to find that this slideshow was created in 5 minutes and you could do the same on your website. Imagine that sort of flexibility. You could create a special presentation for a client, you can add audio and make a secret page that only they can see. Imagine how impressed they would be that you could make that happen that quickly.

We create a special admin panel with your own login and password. From there its as simple as following a menu, choosing the page and changing the text, pictures and links. You can change the fonts, the size, the colour of text similar to they way you do in Microsoft word.

The benefit for you is flexibility, speed and cost.  Without this you would need to call the website designer and get them to change it, usually at $100+ per hour, which if you are a small business can start to add up.

Take charge of  your most important marketing tool and drive your sales home with a self managed site!



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